How can I find book crossing zones in areas I want to visit?

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How can I find book crossing zones in areas I want to visit?
For example, I live in Telford and I want to visit Wolverhampton and Birmingham?
I want to take some books with me to release in the wild and would also like to find books at the same time.
Any advise please?
Thanks in advance.


Check out the Go Hunting pages:


Bless you, & Thanks You.


Note that the hunting pages only show locations with releases within the last 30 days, so there may be many more zones than appear at first. You can click on the "view all" checkbox on the hunting pages to see all the previously-used zones, and while many of those will no longer have books at their locations (especially the "park bench" variety), some of them may refer to book-swap shelves, Little Free Libraries, or other places where books may sit safely for some time.


You don’t have to release where others have before. Others have shown how to find previous release spots, but you can also release someplace new if you prefer. Some people release out of doors a lot. Personally I tend to release mostly in coffee shops, restaurants, waiting rooms, schools, Little Free Libraries, etc. as I don’t trust the weather since you never know how long a book will be there before being picked up. (And any of my outdoors releases are in Release Bags to protect them.)

Good luck no matter where you leave your books. Have fun!


Bless you all, & Thanks You.


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