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Hi there, what is to write in the field "Kommentar"? The general description of the book? Or my personal statement about the book?

Thank you for your answer,


Hi there, what is to write in the field "Kommentar"? The general description of the book? Or my personal statement about the book?

Hi, and welcome! You can put anything you want there. I generally include something about the book's condition ("bought this hardcover at my favorite local bookstore" or "found this battered ex-library softcover at a yard sale"), and something about the book itself, from a full-blown book review (especially if I loved it) to "got this to release unread". I may add links to movie adaptations of the book if there are any. But you can add as much or as little as you like!


Hello Jane,
I do not like long discriptions. So a write a short notice about where I got the book from and a little discription.
But as Glory said, you can do it as you like :-)
Happy Bookcrossing!


Jane2014 1 yr ago
Thank you
for your warm welcome and your answers. :-) Okay, within the next days I will start to register my books. I've got books that I wrote by myself, hope it's okay, when I release them in the world as well.


Yes, it is fine to release books that you have written yourself. Just remember the one important BookCrossing rule: Every book gets its own unique BCID number. So if you release more than one copy of the same book, each copy will have a different BCID, which allows you to track where each copy goes if it gets caught.

As the others said, everyone's comments are different, there are no rules for that. I try to always say what type of book it is, like a paperback, hardcover, withdrawn library book, etc. Someone wrote in the forums years ago that that made it easier to hunt for books, and I've done that ever since. In my case, I release books for Release Challenges, so I always put the links in there for the challenges too. Here's an example of one of mine:

You can easily see examples of what others write by clicking on any of the Recently Released or Recently Caught books showing on the screen.

If you release a book you wrote yourself, you might want to mention that you are the author in the journal entry. I wish you luck with getting your books caught (but be aware that it sometimes takes a long time, so be patient.)


Thanks a lot, solittletime, this is very helpful. And I try to be patient, it's not so easy. :)


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