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Hi there everyone! We are book lovers from Mindelo, Cape Verde! We are running fair trade alcohol free coffee where you can taste delicious goodies made by local women and healthy juices&smoothies. And read a book/swap/release a book. Would some kind angel be so kind to explain how to start OBCZ? We have read the page on OBCZ but still not sure how to do it. Many thanks in advance! Emilia&Evelise from Café Verde


This is an Official BookCrossing Zone. A BookCrossing member, with the permission of the location manager, sets up a box, shelf, corner, etc. to become a centralized location for exchanging books. These zones are "official" because a BookCrosser (or a group of BookCrossers) made a commitment to keep a place stocked with books. If the OBCZ is linked to a business, the "official" also indicates the permission of the manager/owner of the business to have the OBCZ located there.

You can print out and display a poster, or buy bookmarks and other supplies from the Supply Store. You may have to keep it stocked at first, but after a while, people will catch on and start taking from the OBCZ and leaving their own books.

There is a very complete OBCZ Primer: here. Article on how to get your zone listed on the Go Hunting pages and a great little logo to identify it as an OBCZ here. Don't forget to add your zone to the OBCZ Wiki started by carnelian-rune June 2010.
(And as a thank you to our OBCZs and the kind souls who manage them, BookCrossing gives Wings to any actual working zone that has OBCZ in their screen name, and information on the business hosting the zone in the profile. Ask Support for them if those conditions apply.) You also can get your zone marked with a little OBCZ symbol on the Go Hunting page for your town, via support.


Cafe_Verde 10 mos ago
Thank you!
Many thanks!


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