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BettaDragon 8 mos ago
What are some major zones in Washington?


Hi, and welcome! That's a tough question to answer, as it depends on lots of things - including what you mean by "major".

From your profile I'm guessing you mean Washington state, not Washington DC; if you look at the "go hunting" pages under the "books & people" tab you can click down to your state and town, plus any neighboring towns you're interested in. But those pages only show locations where books have been released within the last 30 days, so they don't show everything.

If you click on the little "view all" checkbox on those pages, you can see all the release zones that anyone has ever used - but that may be too much information, as you can't tell by looking at them how many books were released in the past. If you click on a specific zone you *can* see all the previous releases (the ones that have not yet been caught and journaled, anyway), and it can be interesting to browse through those books and see who left them and what, if any, comments they made.

If you're just looking for good/fun/interesting spots to leave your own books, you can browse the existing zone list; see any parks or cafes or other fun-sounding locations? If there are any entries for a book-swap shelf - Little Free Libraries, OBCZs, other spots for exchanges - you might be able to find books there, and/or it could be a good spot to leave your own books.

If you haven't already done so, I recommend browsing the "Site Watch" forum; that'll show you some books released by other BCers, that have been found and journaled. The variety of release spots, the length of time from release to catch, those can be quite interesting, and may give you some ideas for your own releases.

Hope you enjoy BookCrossing!


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