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Jakedog17 6 mos ago
I was looking around in an old book shelf and came across a book titled “Darkness” by John Saul who has written numerous bestselling books. I decided to read it and it grabbed me after a few pages so I have just finished it. It had a dark side to it but proved to be interesting. I saw the book crossing tag on it and decided to look into it. It had been registered in 2005 by someone in the family but had sat on the shelf ever since. I will definitely pass it on to get it moving again.
I am a retired individual who is very active at golf,fishing,boating and of course reading. The Coronavirus has slowed me up but since I live in the country am able to walk every day and try to keep to a routine.

Keep safe.



Welcome to Bookcrossing. How nice the way you found us.
Have a look around the Fora to see what it's all about and if you have any questions, just ask. Enjoy.


Good to have you with us


I will definitely pass it on to get it moving again.

If you make a Journal Entry now the person who registered the book will get it and be happy to know that the book is still safe and sound. We BookCrossers absolutely LOVE hearing back from our books and seeing where their journey takes them!

Then you can make a release note when you are able to pass it on again. (wild if you are leaving it for anyone to find, or controlled if you are giving it to a known person).

I hope you enjoy BookCrossing as much as I do!


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