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Hi, I have a list of books I want to offer for other people.
I have also alist of urgent book I want to get for my research. Whenever I want to contact a member who has one ofthese books I get an error message.what to do?


Do you mean that you're sending Private Messages to people who have your desired titles on their bookshelves? If so, any error messages should be sporadic - try again later and see if it works. (Sometimes the site is a bit glitchy, throwing errors even though there's nothing wrong. Usually passes in a short time.)

But first, do read the site FAQs about trade requests, and do read the profiles of the people you're trying to reach. Not everyone is interested in trading by mail, and even those who enjoy it may have budgetary limits depending on where they're asked to send books. You also need to be sure that the person still has the book in hand; if it shows on someone's shelf but the status is "traveling", it means they don't have it anymore. And if it has several journal entries, the person who wrote the last entry is probably the one who has it now.

You're new here, so all this must seem a bit complicated, but please do take the time to read the FAQ, and browse the "(Not so) Random Acts" forum ( ) - that's where people post trade requests and offers. You can see the kinds of offers people post there, and how - and *if* - anyone responds.

Good luck!


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