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Absolute newbie here! How do I capture a book from the wild? I can't seem to find how this all works. Thank you.


Hi, and welcome! (Looks like your account's been in place for a while - maybe I should say "Welcome back"!)

If you haven't already, do read the site FAQ and the "how to BookCross" sections under the "information" tab. The FAQ has an entry under the "Releasing and Journaling" section for "Can I hunt for books released by other members", which is probably what you want, but it doesn't hurt to read the rest.

If you view the "go hunting" pages for your town and neighboring ones, and don't see any recent releases, that just means that either nobody's released books there within the last month or any books that were released have been caught. (There's a "View all" checkbox that will show you all the previously-used release zones, whether the releases were recent or old; that may be of interest to you, but there's no guarantee that a book will still be in the spot where it was released.)

If you have any book-swap shelves, Little Free Libraries, etc. near you, you can check those to see if there are any BC-labeled books there.

And do browse the "Site Watch" forum; people post there about books that have been found and journaled, and if you read the entries you can see examples of how books are released, and when and how they're found. That can mean a "found it" entry years later, or a lengthy book-review the next day, or anything in between...

Hope that helps!


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