How long does it take for a book to be hidden in your area?

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I just started Bookcrossing, and I would like to know how long it takes for a book to be hidden in your area?


Hi, and welcome! I'm not sure what you're asking, exactly; you can release a book yourself any time you want to, so in that sense the "how long" is "not long at all". But if you want to know the odds of someone else releasing a book in your neighborhood, that's hard to predict. There may not be any other active BookCrossers near you right now - or there may be some, but they released books more than a month ago and so they don't show on the "go hunting" pages now. [If you view the "go hunting" pages for your area and don't see your town listed, click on the "view all" checkbox. That will show you all the existing towns, and you can click on those to see the previously-used release zones. But many/most of the books released at those locations are no longer there, especially if it's been a number of years, so while you might find this of interest, it may not help you in hunting for books.]

If you haven't already done so, do read the site FAQ and the "how to bookcross" items under the "information" tab; there are entries in the FAQ about book-hunting, and other entries that may be helpful. And you might like to browse the "Site Watch" forum; people report books that have been caught and journaled, and you can see where and when they were released and how long it took before they were found. Might give you some ideas for releasing books of your own.

One thing you can do to help in hunting books: go to the "manage release alerts" item under the "home" tab, and add your city (and any others you regularly visit) to your release-alerts list. When books are released in those cities you'll get an email within 24 hours, and will have a chance to go hunting for them. There's no guarantee that wild books will still be where they were released, but it can be fun looking for them anyway - and if you release books of your own in the same spot, they may get caught by someone else who's gone book-hunting!


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