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Hello! My name is Mylene, I'm new to this Bookcrossing and I live in Northern California and I'm deaf.

I'm trying to figure out how to start the bookcrossing website and I still don't understand how it works. can you help me with that? Please show me the example of how to use the bookcrossing website. Thank you!


Hi, and welcome! I see you've already registered and released some books - great! If you haven't already done so, do check out the site FAQs and the "how to" pages (under the "information") tab. And I recommend the "Site Watch" forum, for examples of books that have been released into the wild and have been found and journaled - some very quickly, some after many years... Those entries can show you the different ways people release books, and the different types of journal entries people make.


Welcome to Bookcrossing. Nice to have you with us.


I hope you will enjoy it here. If you have specific questions, ask here. We are a friendly bunch and I'm sure someone will be happy to answer.


Hope you'll enjoy be here !


wingethereawing 2 mos ago
I'm so glad you found us!


Hi and welcome to Bookcrossing.

I do wild release many of my books. Sometimes in a book swap shelf. And sometimes on a bench in the city centre, in a plastic bag hanging on a fence etc.
Other times I do controlled releases, where I hand books over to people I know.

And I do get books from other bookcrossers now and then. I do find books in the book swap cabinet in my area, books that others have left behind there. But they aren't registered here on Bookcrossing. Finding wild released books in my area is very rare.

Many of the books I've registered are found at flea markets, second hand book stores and simalar, where I've bought them very cheap.


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