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Hi everyone,

Many years ago now I used to be a very active bookcrosser but now I’m wondering how active I can be? I’ve done wild releases, offered to join book rings, pm’ed for trades from people with the books on their wish list and done releases in my local little free library. All with no success 😢
Has the cost of U.K postage killed this off, the lack of readers in my area or the dreaded ebooks and kindle. Can’t just be me that wants to hold something?


I just replied to your post in Introductions.


wingCamperfanwing 2 mos ago
Hi lelley
Welcome to Bookcrossing. Nice to have you with us. After the reply of GoryDetails in the Introductions forum there is not much to add.
Just do it for your own enjoyment and see the JE's as a cherry on the cake.


I see you live in Scarborough, North Yorkshire United Kingdom. I used to live in Scarborough, Maine, USA. : )

Personally I enjoy the process of finding books to release for various Release Challenges and finding places to release them. A journal entry always makes me happy but I consider it the icing on the cake, not my reason for BookCrossing, as I know many, many people read and enjoy the books I release, whether they make journal entries or not.


Thank you, I’ll still keep plodding on I guess I’m optimistic for a surge back like back in the start up days!


I used to stock an OBCZ (in Scarborough - it’s no longer there) and I rarely got catches, but every time I’d go in the owner would tell me how much the customers loved the books, that they were always taking them home to read and bringing them back.

And when I’d sit in a coffee shop to label a stack of books before releasing I’ve had people walk up to me and thank you for leaving books there, tell me how much they liked them.

So I’m happy releasing, even when they don’t get journaled.


I am returning after quite a long time and I am an artist so I m wondering if there are size spec's on the bookplate designs. I would very much like to design one but I don't see a specific group
for it.


There is an option in the BC store to create your own bookplates with a picture of your liking.
The FAQs state
What size should my images be to be used in the Bookplate Creator?

For the vertical templates and for the horizontal template with the image to the left and the text to the right, most any size square image works; the Bookplate Creator will resize it (and it will stay square) We'd advise you to choose images that are at least 400 x 400 pixels, to ensure good quality.
For the horizontal template with the wide image on top, a good size is 1200 x 330 pixels. That size has the correct aspect ratio, so nothing gets cut off when the image is resized as the label is generated.

Please keep in mind that our printer may trim about a millimeter or so off from the outer border of each label, so do not place text or images too close to the edge


I would very much like to design one but I don't see a specific group
for it.

Or if you meant to design an official one for the store to sell, I'd go to Contact Us at the bottom of any page and send a message to the Supply Store manager.


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