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Fellow Bibliophiles,

How do I start a wish list page for my books and set up a book shelf to share ----
What is the first thing I need to do to get the ball rolling or should I say-- the "book" traveling to me and others?


Hi, and welcome! I replied to your post in Introductions with some info that might be helpful. For specific details about wishlists, see this post:


If you search the existing books for specific titles/authors, you can click on the "global overview" link on any of the matching books, and from the "global overview" page you can use the "add wish" link to add that title/author to your wishlist.

Do note that if you're interested in trading books by mail, you should register some books of your own. If you have restrictions on postage costs - international mail can be VERY expensive, and in some countries even domestic mail is awfully pricey - you should make that clear on your profile, or in any forum posts you make about trade offers/requests.


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