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I just had to share this with you:

I work in downtown Winnipeg. One of my favourite places to release a book is on a parking meter just outside my office. My catch rate at this spot is not the greatest, although I have had some books check in from time to time. They all disappear though so I continue to release there.

Today I was outside on the porch at street level having a smoke. Lots of people pass by all day long, so often smiles or comments ("nice day") are exchanged. Today a young man, perhaps in his early twenties walked by, picking up litter as he went. I recognized him as one of our city's "clean team" by the florescent bib he wore. The City employs homeless people to pick up litter, hoping to give them job skills and a bit of a wage (minimum wage). I smiled at him as he went by and he smiled back.

Then, as he passed the parking meter on which I often release books, I heard him say, "Aww, no book." My ears perked up and I said, "Pardon?" He came over and explained a little bit sheepishly, "Sometimes when I come, there's a book there. If there is, I take it." I said, "Oh, I think that's the whole idea. People leave books there for other people to find." He brightened and said, "I don't read but I take them back to my wife and she reads them to me. She likes to get them."

I actually started to tear up then and all I could say was, "I hope you find some more." He grinned and said, "Me too."

You know, I don't care if I ever get another official "catch" from there, I'll keep releasing my books there and thinking of this young man listening as his wife reads to him.


I've always believed many more of our wild books than we ever hear about are enjoyed by others. I also like to think that as well as making someone's day with our gifts, that it inspires them to do a little something for others,


Very heartwarming, thanks.


That is one heck of a touching story.


Darn, you've got me tearing up here - that's really wonderful!


Yeah, the more I think about it, the sweeter it gets. :)


Darn, you've got me tearing up here - that's really wonderful!

good, i'm not alone - I was feeling like a real wet girly here!
that's a brilliant story :)


Darn, you've got me tearing up here - that's really wonderful!
good, i'm not alone - I was feeling like a real wet girly here!

Oh, don't worry. Similar situation here - and I'm certainly not a girl ...


That's so nice. I often see my books picked up but no journal entry. I'm glad someone is enjoying it.


I have always believed that, whether or not I hear back from my released books, they are being enjoyed, but it is so nice to get confirmation of that now and then isn't it!


Thank you for this story and you might not be getting a journal entry but it is worth it knowing the pleasure someone is getting from your books.


What a beautiful story. It not only moved me, but has encouraged me to keep on reading and releasing books. Thank you for sharing it with us.


You're welcome. The experience has given me a little prod too. I can't remember the last time I released a book there. So, now I'm wondering, how many times has that young man gone by and said, "Aww, no book."?


I do believe that most bc books end up in a place where people will handle/read them even though they don't journal them! This is more then enough for me! :)


Some of my books also disappear fast and I am sure somebody picks them up. Some people might be older and might not have a computer at home. That does not keep me from releasing and I am happy when once in a while a book checks in again.


it's so nice to know the books are going somewhere where they're really appreciated and read!


varykino 8 yrs ago
lovely story


That's what it's all about. Sharing and reading.


Oh how fantastic. Yes, that is indeed what it is all about.




Sniff,sniff. It does you good to know they are out there.


I'm putting this on Facebook. This is the kind of thing which will make others want to check out bookcrossing!


what a wonderful story!!


LESEHEST 8 yrs ago
This story made my day! I'm smiling and crying (almost) at the same time.
Bookcrossing is so so so GREAT!!


i've found your story by a thread in the french forum through a link in german forum. :-)


Mine too. Thank you for clicking through. If I could speak more languages I might have thought to share on the other forums. It is such a universal story.
It is an experience that has stayed with me and probably always will. I think of this young man looking for a book in the hopes he can take the wee gift back to his wife, of the wife who shares the gift of the story with her husband, of them both sharing that time together. A reminder that, despite unfortunate circumstances, we are all human beings with gifts of caring and tenderness to give and receive. It makes me hopeful for us all.


Can you copy and paste this onto the Site Watch topic. Such a beautiful story to inspire us all.

Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


Pooker this is such a wonderful human story. Heartwarming.


Pooker this is such a wonderful human story. Heartwarming.


Holly2978 7 yrs ago
Onions! Who's cutting onions in here!?


Pooker3 7 yrs ago
RE: onions!
Aw... Thanks for bringing this up to the top of this thread. I just got teary reading my own story! But also it reminded me that I've been neglecting my once usual release spots in favour of my Little Free Library. I'm going to get back to doing more real wild releases too.


This my most favorite BC story. I've retold it many times, so it's nice to see it rise to the top of the forum again!


speciallisa 7 yrs ago
oh my goodness, this is so lovely, it makes me feel so happy that the books that are released do put smiles on peoples faces, whoever and whatever their circumstances :) xx


That is truly beautiful. You know, that is what BookCrossing is all about, touching people's lives through literature. Keep up the great work!


This should motivate all of us to release more books. I am going to release a box full that has been sitting just waiting for me to set them FREE to travel and find Happy Homes of Fellow Readers who will welcome them with joy!


....because it's a lovely story!!!


Thanks for bumping it. I have not read it before as I do not normally frequent this forum. That is the most heartwarming story I have read about what we do, very inspirational!


really lovely to hear this story :)


....lovely story :-)



So lovely the pleasure he enjoys from your books. I will keep on reading and hoping they bring joy to someone else. Thanks for sharing.


It sure is heartwarming and an encouragement to all of us who release but don't hear from our books often enough.


This reminds me of a book I released at my health centre, when I went to see my nurse. I left it on a chair, and on my way back, I saw a lady taking it and telling her friend: "I will take it home to my mother". There was no entry, but I have always imagined that this old lady read and enjoyed my book. :) Good enough for me.
I think this is the true spirit of Bookcrossing... though of course, we all love to see them journalled!
Thanks for sharing this lovely story with us, Pooker3... I hope that 3 years from then you are still "wild-releasing" books.


awwww touching story.
i usually put my books in girts for nursing homes sometimes.


There are two places I release that don't get feedback but I know people are taking and enjoying the books. One is our local Piggly Wiggly and I have run into some of the employees on their break. One day a few saw me with the books and said so you're the one and they proceeded to tell me of the books they had found and how they are traveling to different states via people who had been visiting them. So even though they haven't figured out the enter the BCID part yet I will continue to leave them books.

The other is our local laundromat where homeless people and young men from the rehab center come to do laundry or just sit to find some relief from the weather. Last week I released an entire box of books there and many were taken by the time I left. One man who had a book beside his laundry basket smiled shyly at me so I know they are being taken and read and passed on and as you said that is good enough for me.

These books are bringing joy to someone so let's keep them going and keep the smiles happening.


It's good to remember that some of the people who most need a bit of joy and brightness in their lives (in the form of a book) might not get on internet all that much.

I am addicted to books and buy far too many and read them. I am so lucky that I get away with it, even though I know I should reduce I can still pay the bills (mostly) even with my bookaholic habit.

There was a time I was more dependent on the cheapest second hand and free books. I didn;t have internet or even know how it worked then. So for those people...I hope they find my books or someone's books and find some joy in their day and as some wise person said elsewhere on a forum, if they log it it's just the cherry on top


I become a BC member very recenty and I like to browse the forums and I have seen many heart-warming stories. I remember a Greek catch where the person who found the book was going in and out of hospitals and said he read the book and was a great break at those hard times. I can not find the link for this Greek catch, but today morning I was having a look on the very old posts on Site Watch forum and found this equally moving journal:


I have only joined BC recently, and through looking around have found the forum page. I have released a couple of books and lucky to have had finders make a journal. I wondered why some books didn't get a journal, but this story makes so much sense and has now encouraged me to talk to people who work in areas where the disadvantaged people go, to see if they will allow me to release books there. Also I can now see why many people release books on park benches.
I must admit my eyes welled up just thinking of the wife reading to the chap and both just spending the time together to enjoy the books and you never know they are either passing them on or even making a library for themselves to reread their favourites.


I'm so glad I found this thread. And thank you for sharing your story!

I've been releasing books at a senior/community center in my city. They have a free books box for anyone to leave or take books. I picked this spot because it's sheltered as opposed to the books being out in the elements. I attend a workout class at the center twice a week so I know my books are being picked up as they disappear but I've yet to have anyone leave a journal entry on the books I've released. Thinking nefarious reasons were to blame, I was becoming discouraged. I was starting to think that I'd need to find another release location (BUT WHERE?!). This story has renewed my hope that the books are being taken care of and read. I'll still hold out hope for that elusive journal entry but will now believe that the books I leave at the center are in a good home.


I also have released a lot of books to seniors, mostly large-print books. I'd give them to a friend who worked in a retirement home to drop there for me and I never get JEs, but she would tell me when she put them on the "free table" they'd be scooped up immediately, so I knew someone was enjoying them. I'd sure love to get some JEs, but knowing they are being read is even more important to me. (And a lot of the seniors aren't into computers so couldn't journal).

: )


Readermax 3 yrs ago
Wow. Just wow. This is a wonderful, moving story. I always love to read stories about Book Crossing's positive effect on the community, but this is the best one by far.


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