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I had a very treasured book that I gave to a little free library for that library's birthday and because the book had been such a treasure to me I wrote in the front the whole story of how much I and my children had loved the book and really hoped it would go to a good home and be read and logged. I wrote with more passion and detail than usual and this is what I got:

It's only my third (catch) and I am so happy


That is great. You'll treasure that, I think , for the rest of your BC live.



Wonderful catch. So nice that your treasured book is going to be treasured once more, and is going to really travel.


I need to start doing this in more of the books that I release. Thanks for sharing!


It’s a wonderful idea, sharing the personal story of the book. It increasess its heart value❣️


It must feel very good to share your story with someone, for you and for the person who found your book. It makes it extra special for them to know that the book they found has a history!


and lovely reply

I often say where I found/bought/came upon a book, and sometimes supply a photograph to try to give the book some history, even if it only, 'Bought from Betterworldbooks, ex library stock from...such and such...library', or found in such a such camp ground, etc. I have yet to write something as personal as your message. Your message must have resonated with the finder :)


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