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Hey Bookcrossers! I need your help with something. I live in a state where no one has released any books. And by that I don't mean that peole rarely ever release books. I mean that not one person has realesed a book. Not.A.Single.One.Any ideas on how to change this?


Hi, and welcome! As I posted in reply to another of your comments, the hunting pages only show locations that have had wild releases within the last 30 days; the header information on that page says as much, also noting that the numbers in red indicate releases within the last 3 days.

I looked up your location, Puerto Rico, and checked the "view all" box to see all the zones, not just the recently-active ones. If you click through to your city and to specific release zones, you may find lists of books that were released but have not yet been journaled; the release notes in those books can tell you where and when they were released, and may give you some ideas about release spots to use yourself.

In my area, I'm the most active releaser, and I do my best to release a book or two in as many nearby towns as I can reach, just to keep them on the "go hunting" pages so that curious newcomers won't be as disappointed as you are. But whether you see lots of active release zones or not, you can always get a location onto the hunting pages by releasing a book there yourself!


Thanks! :)


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