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So I've heaard people say that they like to realease books in public bathrooms. Is that a good idea? There was one in a mall near me with a lounge area ,and I wanted to release a book on the table there, but then my sister and her friend who were there with me said that it would probably just get thrown out (it was quite thin and also a paperback), so I ran back to the bathroom and got it out.
Should I release book there? Or was my sister right? My sister may have just said it to bother me. We fight like little kids sometimes, plus she thinks BC is stupid for some reason.


I've done this at times, but only in restrooms that have enough space, well clear of the faucets and unlikely to be accidentally bumped into. Some restrooms have wall-shelves or small tables - and in some cases the hallway leading to the restrooms has seating or tables, a potentially safer spot. Some folks seem to like finding free reading material in restrooms {wry grin}, and it does provide a reasonably private place for them to check out the books.

It's certainly possible that the books will be thrown out, but that could apply no matter where you leave them - even if you hand them directly to someone else; the recipient may be a hard-core "purger of excess stuff". But I've seen enough books journaled LONG after release to know that just because books go un-recorded for a while doesn't mean they've been discarded.

Re your sister not liking BC - lots of people don't seem to find the idea interesting, or not interesting enough for them to spend time on it; even in my book-loving family, nobody else has done very much BookCrossing, though they seem willing to hear me talk about it without saying it's stupid! Your sister might change her mind if she sees some interesting catches or release photos - or maybe not; up to you how much (if any) energy you want to put into presenting BC to her.


I would certainly pick one up if I found it there. But then I'm a Bookcrosser :-).
At campsites I sometimes leave then on a wall-shelve, away from the water (like Gory said).
Once I was at a camper overnight stay and left a book on a windowsill in the showerbloc. The next day it was taken and in its place was a different book on which someone had written FREE BOOK. I took it with me and made it an BC book :-)
Maybe your sister is just not comfortable with releasing books, like you felt the first time, remember? Anyway you should not let her stop you.
My husband felt uneasy at first, when I was releasing books and I just did it without him noticing. And now he says: "Did you bring your book", when we are leaving the house. :-)


It was a 'primitive' toilet in a National Park. (Basically a hole in the ground under the seat.) The corrugated iron shed like building had wooden beams along the walls inside, which made a perfect ledge for books. Several books were lined up there, left by the campers. None were BC books, but they could have been. I took one, read, registered it and took it to Oslo.


As the others have said, it depends on the bathroom. Most don't really have enough room, I've found, to keep the books from getting splashed, but if there is a safe spot, away from water, go for it.

Any book released any time anywhere might get thrown out. That's the risk we take releasing in the wild. I would think that a well-labeled book that clearly says Take Me or I'm Free or something of the sort would be less likely to get tossed, but who knows really why anyone would ever throw out a book. Personally I can't imagine doing it, but people do, all the time.

As to friends and relatives, it's just impossible to instill a love of BookCrossing into anyone who isn't intrigued and delighted in it on their own. My brother is a great reader, a published author, a college professor of both writing and literature. Couldn't think of a better candidate to appreciate BookCrossing. But he doesn't. He has no interest in it, as much as he loves books and reading. And if I give him a registered book, it remains unjournaled. I've just had to learn to accept it.

The same with friends, some of whom have actually signed up with BookCrossing, even one who has released books herself. Can't get a JE out of them when I give them books that they are interested in, even ones they ask for.

BookCrossing teaches patience and acceptance. Or you get ulcers. : )


I've had friends who have solemnly promised to journal books given to them but they never actually do so. Sometimes they say they can't work out how to do it but even if I then give them written instructions it still doesn't happen. In these cases you just have to either stop giving them books or just carry on regardless and believe that they are still reading and enjoying the books. Who knows? -they may even release the books eventually and you could get a catch further down the line.

As for releasing in bathrooms, or toilets as we would call them in the UK, most of them would not be big enough or hygienic enough for me to do that happily. However if there is a table or space on the way to the toilets I will sometimes use this as it would be a popular passing place.


As for releasing in bathrooms, or toilets as we would call them in the UK, most of them would not be big enough or hygienic enough for me to do that happily. However if there is a table or space on the way to the toilets I will sometimes use this as it would be a popular passing place.

That's my thoughts. I have never left one in a toilet (room), but the book I mentioned I picked up in one was in a spacious enough space to be a bit away from the actual toilet, and the frame along the wall was like shelving. The campers had been using it as such to leave books. Even then I hesitated to take the book, but after examination I decided to.

But I left a book in a bathroom once - a room with a bath, (in a private house as a joke).


.... have a coat hook on the back of the door (where you lock the door while "doing your business"). If you put the release book in a BC release bag and hang it on the hook, that may work.
As an aside, I decorate discarded CDs and release them in the same manner (door hook in toilet cubicle) and have had a lot of them claimed that way!!! (CD has label on reverse with blog http address!) If it works for CDs, it could work for books too....


I have nothing against other people doing this, but personally I wouldn't. I suppose I'm just a bit germ-phobic. I don't like the thing where people read in the toilet either, because I don't like the idea of touching a book before washing your hands.


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