What are good release spots for leaflet-like books?

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I have some very thin children's paperbacks, and I don't know where to release them. I fear they will get thrown away.


If they're actual leaflets they shouldn't be registered at all, but there's nothing wrong with registering those very slim softcover children's books. I'd leave them in the same places I leave anything else - playgrounds are a good option, waiting rooms at places where someone might bring children (dentists, pediatricians, hair salons...) or even where they wouldn't (the grownups might like to take the books home for their kids), and of course OBCZs, Little Free Libraries, or other book-swap shelves. If they're really lightweight I wouldn't leave them outside on a windy day unless I could put a rock on top - or could hang them from a tree in a plastic bag - but otherwise I wouldn't see any limits. Heck, it's the books with extreme adult matter that cause more "where can I release this" headaches!


very thin children's paperbacks

I leave them at the local pancake house. Parents read them to their children while they are waiting to be served.


In addition to the places already mentioned by Gory and Camperfan, I'd add hospitals, food pantries, laundromats. I wouldn't leave them outside myself.


I often put slim leaflet sized books in leaflet dispensers.


I often put slim leaflet sized books in leaflet dispensers.

Thst's a good idea!


My local supermarket used to have child-sized shopping carts, and another had those carts with a sort of "car" on the front where the kids would sit. I would always have a book or two to leave in one of those places.


We have a local organization that takes in donated children's books and then adds them to any planned social services delivery that the lower income family may experience. Sort of like Dolly Parton's charity, but not using the mail and not using new book stock. This charity takes not-over-the-top-marked BookCrossing books.

I BookCross all my children's books to them. Even if it never gets journaled, because low income means technology is sometimes an expense that cannot be borne, I do know that it will be read and do some good.

The charity is called BookHarvest if anyone happens to be local to me and didn't know about it.


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