Good release spots in Stowe and San Francisco?

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Hi! I will be traveling to Stowe and San Francisco later this year. I've got lots of books ready to release, and I was thinking of bringing some along. Do you know any good release spots in either of these cities?


So you're hitting both sides of the continental US? Very cool!

What I generally do is check the hunting pages for previously-used release zones - the "view all" checkbox shows them all even if no recent releases were made there. This sometimes points out book-swap locations or LFLs, but also interesting local sites. I also use the Little Free Library's map; there's an option for city/state listings, and if the specific city has no entries you can blank out the "city" field and see all the registered LFLs in the state. Zooming in on the map shows LFLs that might be in a nearby town or en route to your destination.

I also Google for local museums, sculpture parks, outdoor art (I like releasing on or near statues and sculptures), and - for me - brew-pubs {wry grin}.


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