How to journal a release to a charity book sale?

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I'd love a little advice about how to handle a particular release: A woman in my neighbourhood has been running a charity book sale to raise funds for local hospice and palliative care. I have a stack of books that I have been releasing in the LFLs in the area, and I'd love to give her the remaining stack for her to sell. How should I journal the release? Should I create a zone for her? (Not her name, but maybe the name of her book sale?)

Any thoughts about how to handle this would be appreciated!


Or you can do a controlled release. After all you are handing them to her .What she does with them is beyond your control.
In the final release note you can then write something like: For her 'name' book sale.


Ah, ok, that makes sense. I've never done a controlled release, and presumed it was reserved for trades, etc., between members, but you're right that it might make sense in this instance. Thanks!


You're welcome.


As I see it, you don't know who'll pick them up so would do as wild. I do something like this...

...but that's just how I like to do it - don't think it matters too much.


I agree. A release to a charity should be a wild release. It's no different to leaving the book in a LFL and that's a wild release.
I make Controlled Releases when handing the book to the next reader and when releasing at a BC meet up. If the book then doesn't get picked up at the meet up, I take it home, delete the Controlled Release and if then releasing into the wild, LFL, Charity Shop, etc, make a Wild Release.


If its probably going to be a one off, I'd look to see if there is any existing Release Zones to release under.
Otherwise, I've created one, like Charity Garage Sale.


Yeah, that's what I was wondering: is it ok to create a release zone that isn't technically a location? Clearly the answer is yes!


Oooh, I love the little blurb in your release notes to explain BookCrossing to the finder! I'm definitely going to start doing that!


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