No Releases in my country... what do I do?

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Hi, I'm new to bookcrossing, but simply loved the idea of it! and started to register books that I want to release, problem is, it doesn't look like there are active people in my country, nor have I seen any released books...
What do I do? Any recommend places to release in such areas?


Welcome to Bookcrossing. Nice to have you with us.
So you have a whole new area at you hands.
You could start with places that tourists visit and just leave them on benches.
Good luck.


Kinda hard with outdoors places, It's really hot here.. no one goes outdoors.
Has to be indoor places


Sorry, I don't know much about the climate in your country. Maybe shopping malls , hairdressing salons, doctors office,
Just be patient there might be other bookcrossers checking in with some ideas.


Hi, and welcome! Do keep in mind that the "go hunting" pages only show locations where books have been released within the last 30 days. If you click on the "view all" checkbox and then on individual provinces, cities, and release spots, you may find some past releases - though the odds of books still being there after a few days (never mind months or years) are pretty slim.

I like to leave books at scenic spots - park benches, historical monuments, even hanging from trees near pretty gardens or brooks. And if I'm somewhere near a tourist-friendly location I'll look for bus-stop benches or information kiosks where books might be welcome.

Hope you enjoy BookCrossing!


I don't do a lot of outdoor releases because I don't trust the weather to stay nice where I am and there's absolutely no way to predict how long a book will wait outside for someone to pick it up.

I don't know what options you have near you, but I release a lot in coffee shops or restaurants that allow me to do so. Also waiting rooms, like doctor's offices, hospitals, car repair shops. Once in a while at schools, a retreat center, a hotel.

I find that most of my books get taken, but as with others, only a few "write home." You must learn patience to be a BookCrosser. Of course you may hear back from a book soon, but most that write home take weeks, months, sometimes years to do so. But it is such fun to hear back from them that it is worth the wait.

Best of luck with your releases!


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