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Hi! I'm new to BookCrossing, and I'm not very experienced with this. I was wondering where exactly I should start. What are good places to look for and release BookCrossing books? I just need a place to get started.


of where and how others have released books that have been caught. You will also notice that although some are caught quickly, some take weeks, months, years to write home. You need patience as a BookCrosser.

As for where to look for books, you can sign up for Release Alerts for towns near to you, but just realize that a book may not still be there by the time you go to look for it. Also see if there are any OBCZs in your area (they show a designation on the Go Hunting pages).

Where to release books is wide open. I release mostly indoors: restaurants, coffee shops, waiting rooms, hospitals, OBCZs, etc. Also at Little Free Libraries in my area. And when I do release out of doors I always put the book in a Release Bag (from the Supply Store) to protect it from the weather, as I have no way of knowing how long it will remain outside. Others have luck with outside releases like trail heads and parks. The one place the site has asked that we not release is airports, as an unaccompanied book caused a bomb scare once that shut down an airport. Though some airports even have book-sharing shelves these days.

Some people trade books with other BookCrossers or join bookrings or book boxes. There are forums for that type of sharing. I prefer to release mine in the wild.

The one thing you want to be sure to do is label your book well with the BCID and site URL so a finder will know to make a journal entry. Personally I put a Tiny Sticker on the spine (covered in clear tape as they tend to pop off), some sort of Free Book or Take Me Home sticker on the front cover (either ones I print myself or from the Supply Store) and a label that I printed or a bookplate from the Store on the inside cover with the BCID.

Best of luck on releasing and finding books in your area!


I appreciate your advice. Thanks for helping me get started!


They sell various items such as book plate labels, bookmarks cover/spine stickers, release bags and post it notes :)

I have had a lot of success with the official bookcrossing release bags

There is also a go hunting page (click on the book & people button) if your looking for some books to catch.

If your planning on releasing books, OBCZ's, Little free Library's and book exchanges are a good start. I'd avoid airports for odviouse reasons and charity shops, ones here in the UK chuck away books that have labels or stickers or aren't "in good enough" condition, I recently rescued two bookcrossing books from a charity shop as they were going to send them to the incinerator


They don't always stick well, so might require added sticky tape.
This will make it obvious to any BCers searching secondhand book shops, that it's a BC book. Otherwise they might miss it. I have found several BC books just by scanning the spines of books in secondhand shops and free libraries, and spotting that BC spine label.
See how well the spine labels show up:


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