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I am a very new member, joined only today, in an area (Lincolnshire UK) that seems pretty devoid of book-crossing books. I am still a bit nervous and finding my way, but would appreciate any help in where and how to try to get something going round here. Others have advised against bus stations, but I was wondering about actually on the bus. I live in a seaside resort town, so cafes and benches spring to mind. The sea is strongly tidal so actually on the beach is an absolute no-no, but there are some little shelters on the promenade so I may consider them. Work, btw, is off the agenda, as we have our own "good cause" charity bookstall, so it wouldn't be right! May also get round, as well as telling friends, to saying/writing something about it in local press/websites. Any other tips much appreciated! Thank you, Debbie x


I leave most of mine in coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, waiting rooms, doctor's offices, hospitals, laundromats, Little Free Libraries, etc. Anywhere people might linger a while and be looking for something to read. I don't tend to do a lot of outside releases myself, although I know others do, as I don't trust the weather especially when I have no idea how long a book will be outside before being picked up. (An hour, a day, a week, a month... who knows.)

When I do release outdoors, I always put the book in a Release Bag from the Supply Store to protect it.

Good luck!


Thank you for your advice! I have just looked at your profile and seen some old friends in the books - I love Amy Tan and am also a huge LM Montgomery fan - I have read all of them, not just "Anne of Green Gables!"


Welcome! :)

I suspect that books left on the bus may get thrown away when the bus is cleaned.

I leave nearly all of mine outside, in bags - on benches, in or propped against trees, on walls, or when indoors sometimes in museums or galleries. Bear in mind that you won't hear back from most of them, and make sure they're well labelled.

I do quite a bit of posting books to other members too - you will find forums for bookboxes and rays, and for random acts of kindness.

Good luck!


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