Releasers Remorse part 2: The Perils of Waste Collectors

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I released a book on a park bench today. Leaving the town a couple of hours later I drove past the park & could see a litter collector with his rubbish-picker-up-stick-thingy (I don't know what it's proper name is!) & my book in it's BC release bag dangling there, held away from him like it was toxic waste lol. If I could've pulled over I would've run over & rescued it from him, instead I think it's destined for the bin, although there's always hope he'll pass it on....

( )


Ouch! But I have seen a number of catches from people who'd found a book while cleaning up, including one released inside a shopping mall (where I gather the cleaners are on a time schedule and might not have time to check out a stray book even if they wanted to, so that one was especially nice). So you never know!


That's very sad indeed. Had you used a visible sticker or bag?


That's very sad indeed. Had you used a visible sticker or bag?

It was in a BC release bag with a sticker on the book too.


I would have been mortified even though I realise some of my releases have probably ended up in the bin. Unfortunately some people would look on books as rubbish-luckily we don't all feel that way


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