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The NSS swap is one of the events that happens at every anniversary convention, so it's happening on the Gold Coast too! For those who have not heard of it before, the premise is the same as a secret santa swap at Christmas.

If you would like to participate in the NSS during the Gold Coast convention, please PM me at https://www.bookcrossing.com/---/romney (Other committee members may choose to participate so only send to me) To participate you will need to have a wishlist on your Bookcrossing profile, and also send me a list of other interests or likes Eg: cats, tea, chocolate, Vegemite :-) ... so that the person getting you your gift has at least a few hints.

Each gift needs to include at least one labelled book and one other item and can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like. It is then wrapped and labelled and left on the appropriate table during the convention. The reason it's called Not So Secret is that as soon as you journal the book, you will find out who gave you your gift.

The cut off for you to PM me is 29th February and I will get swap details out ASAP after that to allow people plenty of time to arrange their gift.


Haven’t played one of these before


Haven’t played one of these before

It’s really nice, in my experience!


Just sent you a pm!




Sending a PM now


I have PM'd everyone with their partner. please let me know if you haven't received it.


I‘m still struggling with the disappointment. And so upset to cancel flights, accommodation, transfers, trips.... Makes no fun. But perhaps we can bring a little bit convention feeling or happiness to each other ?
Does every participant of the NSS game like to send a little NSS package to its partner ?


We have discussed that a little on Whatsapp - the mail could be a bit dodgy right now with so many disrupted flights - but I do want to do something if we can work it out since I know many people have already bought their gifts. Etinaj has even put hers in the mail for me to pass on at the convention before it was cancelled :-(


Back in January, I was sending face masks and stuff to my friend in Hong Kong, as the coronavirus just arrived there and the stores were there totally wiped out. I am sure everybody can imagine how it was.

My first package arrived when they announced limiting non-essential govt services, which included the post office closing for a week or two. Needless to say, took a while for the post office to work through the backlog, especially with the additional mail volume of people ordering things online.

Shortly after I mailed my second package, a bunch of airlines announced flight cancellation to HK. My package ended up sitting in my local post office for weeks, according to the tracking. I think postal service has contracts and stuff so it's not as easy to just switch over to a different airline/flight as we can do personally.

So, to avoid losing the packages and unnecessary anxiety, I'd suggest waiting a bit first, as day by day there's still news of flight cancellation, border closing, city lock down etc that can seriously impact mail delivery.


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