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Anyone know who looks after bcukunconvention.co.uk? The site is down meaning I've lost all my badges from the unconventions.


It's not a site supported by bookcrossing, however ardachy did all the communications for the Ipswich convention so may be able to provide a clue.

Hope it's not gone forever :-(


I'm assuming that someone was paying for the site and has now stopped.

I'm thinking that if we can at least get the images we can put them on the weebly site we're using for the uncon now? Let's hope ardachy can help as you say!


Not sure I can get them on weebly as I used Flickr for Northampton.

If you can get a copy I can see what I can do.



So far it seems to be Oxford, Loughborough and Ipswich. Hopefully Ardachy will have the contacts


The ones I attended still seem to be fine on my shelf, so you could copy them from there.


I thought it was there yesterday, but perhaps not. This is the HTML I have:

<img src="http://bcukunconvention.co.uk/banner/2015.png"alt=”BC Convention, Oxford, 10th – 12th April 2015”width=”300”height=”100”>


If your link doesn't work

Try this one:
<center><img src="https://d3nc0ar6dmrp7n.cloudfront.net/images/journalpics/279/18/27905318.jpg"style="width:300px;height:200px;"></center>


That works, thank you. I'm just missing Oxford and Loughborough then.


I’ve lost the oxford badge



If anyone holds the jpeg for the missing ones I’d be happy to try and put them on Flickr and provide new html codes. PM me if you do and I’ll send you my email addie


Feel free to check my profile page, there are a few - which I saved on a book's journal page.


That's my assumption too.


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