CLOSED - 🇬🇧 BCUK Unconvention Newcastle 2020 - NSS present exchange

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Early bird ticket prices for the Newcastle Uncon end on 31st (or 41st!) July.

I'm organising the NSS present exchange again.

Attendees at the Uncon can sign up, and I assign everyone a partner to buy a present for. Usually at least a book and something else that you think your partner will like. Someone else gets a present for you. It's really helpful to make sure your book wishlist is up to date and that you have listed some likes and dislikes on your Bookcrossing profile page eg likes milk chocolate, don't like tea.

The presents are wrapped (or put in a bag) and placed on the NSS table at the Uncon. You won't know who has given you a present until you journal the book they've given you (unless they include a card).

It's nice to thank your generous NSS giver in person during the Uncon. You may also make a new friend as a result.

I will assign names on September 4th which gives you a month to get something sorted.

Due to the uncertainty of the Covid situation, if we can't "gather'' for the Uncon it might be possible to post presents instead as it will mainly be UK Bookcrossers. Hopefully it will be clearer by September 4th. Let me know if that is something you'd like to do if the Uncon doesn't go ahead for Pandemic reasons and if you'd be willing to send to Europe (I would).

If I have missed any important information or you have any questions please post on the thread or PM me.

Please sign up on this thread.

Poodlesister (UK/Europe) - received
earthcaroleanne (UK postage) - received
rahar109 (UK/Europe) - received
Diane-Fraser (anywhere) - received
greenbadger (anywhere) - received
teachie (UK/Europe) - received
over-the-moon (UK/Europe) - received
minnesota84 - received


I'd be willing to post to UK/Europe if the need arises.


But I'd like to stick to UK posting if possible.


I happy to post anywhere should the need arise :-) Fingers crossed it won't !

I'll update the web page to 31st July at some point. They've been very long months since lockdown ;-)


Me please.

I'm very much hoping that the uncon will go ahead and that's what we're planning for.

But if it comes to it I'll post anywhere.


Please add me, I love making up these parcels .


Sorry forgot to add I am willing to post UK/Europe.


post UK/Europe.




I'll be sending PMs with names tomorrow (Sunday)


Let me know if you didn’t receive one


I have ordered a book for my NSS partner and will start searching for other goodies :)


Until next year, dates to be confirmed.

I’ll be asking you for addresses where I don’t have them, and sending you your partner’s address.



Everyone should know the address of their partner by now. PM me if you haven't got it.


Very exciting - can I open it or do I have to wait till UnCon day?


Very exciting - can I open it or do I have to wait till UnCon day?

I think you can go for it. Unless you’d rather wait?


today , sent mine out yesterday


And mine arrived this morning.
Thank you mystery sender.


which I thought might be my NSS, so I opened the parcel, found all the lovely goodies and beautiful cards and labels from poodlesister, but the book doesn't correspond to the BCID on the label... (and by the way I love those socially distancing cats).
So I still have something to look forward to while enjoying all the pictures; I will have to rearrange my kitchen gallery now as they merit being on permanent display!

Also looking forward to catching up with everyone next year in Newcastle...

Adding here what was in the parcel for those who are curious...
Lots of balls of brightly coloured Aran yarn
A bar of yummy lavender glycerine soap
A very useful fold-up bag
A box of teapigs, also labelled as morning glory, everyday brew, tea temples... (a blend of black tea in pyramid-type teabags)
Lots of lovely postcards, some of which are already posted up in my kitchen cupboard gallery
Lots of labels including the very cute masked cats
A label for a wishlist book which arrived separately, Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver,
and an envelope which remains closed as it's for my birthday which isn't till late November.
Thank you for everything, poodlesister.


I thought about waiting until the weekend to open it but I couldn't

Two wishlist books and sooooo many goodies. I'm trying to resist opening the Toffifee straight away.


My wishlist book arrived some time before so I waited until the BCID arrived .
It arrived with a package load of goodies and I'm promised some Swiss ( i hope!) Chocolate 🍫 at the unconvention next October. Can't wait :-D


it's on its way.


wingteachiewing 2 wks ago
My NSS arrived today, perfect timing. Thank you CarolAnne, so much for the 2 books and the other goodies. I haven't seen vitamin enriched tea so look forward to trying this, especially as it is fruit flavoured.


My parcel arrived a week ago but I've been waiting for unconvention weekend to open it.

What a lovely gift - I have two types of tea, chocolate, BC supplies, soap and body balm, and no fewer than three books! Two are wishlist books and the other is a Freeman Wills Crofts mystery which looks right up my street.

Thank you very much rahar109!


wingrahar109wing 2 wks ago
I opened my parcel yesterday. I got two wishlist books, a lovely scented Hogmanay candle and some handcream.
The books weren't registered, so I don't know who to thank, but - thank you anonymous sender! Do you want to register the books and send me the BCIDs, or shall I do it?


I received my parcel today during Pilates! I've just opened it (after Pilates finished).

Wow - what a great selection of things I like, a little bottle of Prosecco for Saturday night, two brand new wishlist books, The Power of One by Bryce Courtney and Lethal White by Robert Galbraith , some British Hedgehog Preservation Society envelope reuse labels (I love hedgehogs), a hedgehog card, some hazelnut and caramel chocolate, a pack of 40 seasonal postcards and a Moomin shopping bag. Thank you so much.

The box will also come in handy to send my Halloween Exchange parcel!


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