Go Hunting

Hunt for books the BookCrossing way - below is the list of countries with books in the wild! After registering and releasing a book, members have the option of making Release Notes, specifying where exactly (or approximately) they left a book. You can browse through these active releases here, by Country, State, City, and Crossing Zone.

The number indicates how many books were released within the last 30 days that have not yet been caught. If the number listed is red, the location has books released in the last 3 days.

Location Count
-- Controlled Releases  84 
Australia  464 
Austria  860 
Belarus  48 
Belgium  721 
Brazil  74 
Bulgaria  27 
Canada  770 
Croatia  85 
Czech Republic  12 
Denmark  22 
Finland  831 
France  742 
Germany  5,321 
Greece  15 
Hong Kong 
International Waters 
Location Count
Ireland  28 
Italy  623 
Japan  10 
Netherlands  1,740 
New Zealand  87 
Norway  103 
Poland  28 
Portugal  99 
Romania  13 
Russia  742 
Singapore  14 
South Africa 
Spain  145 
Sweden  84 
Switzerland  315 
Ukraine  307 
United Kingdom  739 
USA  2,871 

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