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From York, Pennsylvania USA
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Hello all! :)

I have been an avid book reader all my life, as well as a rather avid book collector. When I moved space became limited. I still have a decent amount of space but the sheer number of books I own is just too high to keep, so I decided to join here and share the love :)

Most of the books I release will be in the wild and just about any where in the York, PA area (including Gettysburg, Lancaster and Harrisburg) with some books on occasion being released in other states. I intend to take a book or two along when I travel elsewhere to leave randomly for others to enjoy.

I have tons of books from Romance, to Horror to Mystery and beyond. I have both hard back and paperback books. I'll probably start by dispersing some of my favorite romance novels then slowly release books in other genres. A quick note: I went through a phase when I was determined to gather as many Silhouette and Harlequin books as I could, so I have a bunch of those too. I had intended to release only certain ones but have recently discovered that the local paperback trade will no longer accept them even for trade, as a result I will now be releasing these at random intervals as well.

If any of the books I register are of interest to you and have yet to be released to the wild just drop me a message, and I'll try to get it to you as quickly as I'm able. If you should happen to see a book I have registered and have not yet released that is PART OF A SERIES that can stand alone and have an interest in reading the whole series send me a message. Chances are VERY HIGH that I have the ENTIRE SERIES here at the house just not yet released or registered. I was big on series books by various authors so in most cases if a book is part of a series all of them are here and I have no problem sending all of them to a particular person who is interested. I will also try to make a note in the description of books I release that they are parts of a trilogy etc. Thank you! :)

Take care all! :)

NOTE 1: Actual books I've caught: 2

NOTE 2: My bookshelf does not necessarily reflect my reading interests.

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