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A forum post explains where many of my books were released in the last 2 months; start with page one of the long forum discussion if you want to understand what it all means!

An update for anyone promised a book in the past or seeking one from me in the future-

My life was turned on its ear in November 2003. If I wrote about it, it would read like a novel. As much as I wish it were fiction rather than reality, it just is what is right now. The good news: I've returned to college. The bad news: I'm a poor college student, so sends are difficult for the time being. My apologies for any and all delays. I'm still mad about bookcrossing and have high hopes for being as active as I was just a wee year ago. That said, here's the old profile, slightly updated....
I am sure that you can tell from my pic...I am a very serious person. I hope people still remember Groucho Marx....the comedian? Ring a bell? Err...that's me incognito in the pic, not the real Groucho; he was much better looking than me!

What do I love to read? If books were edible, my preference would be a smorgasbord. I will say that I absolutely do not read romance novels and am bit leary of "chick lit". I tend hunger for things slanted to the surreal, philosophical, and wierd. This explains the many Robbins novels on my shelf-yum! I like the occasional fast food sci-fi or action novel. We all need a little literary chewing gum once in awhile, so the even corniest of best sellers can even end up on my shelf. If you browse my shelf you'll notice that it is peppered with all genres. Many of the books here exist for the purpose of trade and RABCK. Some are intended for donation to the military.

Some beloved books that I gave away pre-BC: The Metamorphasis, A Confedarcy of Dunces, The Lovely Bones, The Illuminatus Trillogy

Did I mention I stink at typing AND have dreadfully bad vision? Forgive me, my fellow readers, for my shortcomings and typos! Oh yeah...thanks for reading all this too!

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