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Time to say Auf Wiedersehen

April 28, 2019
The Anniversary Convention in Mainz, Germany has come to an end. Time to say goodbye and head home, many of us with a suitcase full of books and a head full of good memories. It was a great convention, very well organised, and from the perspective of the visitors everything was running like clockwork.

On Saturday afternoon, Bruce paid a virtual surprise visit to a theatre full of delighted BookCrossers, by means of a Skype session; he spoke a few words, underlining how grateful he feels to be connected to this community, then showed the audience around his veterinarian practice and finally took some questions. When he asked what the highlight of this Convention had been so far, one BookCrosser piped up to say 'You!'
Finally, Bruce told us that he'd love to be present at the next Convention, and he'll do his best to make it to the Gold Coast in Africa... We hope he can find the time to brush up on his geography before that, so he doesn't end up on the wrong flight!

Thank you for everything, Mainz organisers, and a heartfelt Auf Wiedersehen!

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