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Who will host the Convention in 2021?

May 1, 2019
Until very recently, no one had come forward to host the Anniversary BookCrossing Convention in 2021, and it was a bit worrisome for those of us who love to visit large BookCrossing gatherings. But that has changed! In this forum thread, it became apparent that a team from Finland has now stepped up and declared themselves up for the challenge of hosting the 2021 Convention. What great news! We were a little worried because there were no bids presented at the Mainz Coinvention (just a cool preview of the very exciting upcoming 2020 Convention in Australia) but it seems that the wonderful time that we had in Mainz inspited some brave Finnish members.

We're sure it's going to be another wonderful Convention. Thank you so much, Finnish team, and we're all looking forward to coming over in 2021!

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