More bug fixes - Book & Member Stats
November 17, 2019
Happy to report some more fixes to some long time bugs. You will now find that when clicking on Member Stats or Book Stats under the Books & People tab, you no longer see a page which tells you that there is an "unexpec... more »
Good news about the book search bug
November 14, 2019
You may or may not have spotted Ardik's update about the problems with the book search function that's used during registering books, which he posted here. We think you'll not want to... more »
A great step forward for the BC Translation project
November 11, 2019
It's been a while since we've had any good news about the translation project. The project was held up by technical roadblocks, which was frustrating... if only because the Chinese translation had been ready for a while, and could not be deployed! We... more »
A call to existing Region Cleanup Team Members
September 15, 2019
A few days ago an email was sent out to all 50 listed members of the Volunteer Region Cleanup Team in an effort to identify who we have still active on the Team. Whilst we have heard back from 22 of those 50 (much better than the last attempt late in... more »
We're on the hunt for Support team members!
September 12, 2019
Hey all, Over the past few weeks we've been having a look at the current capabilities within our BC Volunteer Support Team from a languages perspective, and as a result we've identified some areas we'd like to recruit in order to have better coverage... more »
News from the Store: New Econo labels
September 1, 2019
We want to tell you about a change we've made to our Pre-Numbered Econo labels. For a long time, they were made in-house and we were never quite happy... more »
News from the Store: announcing Surprise September!
August 19, 2019
Our new Store promotion is, literally, a surprise! We have so many fun little trinkets and handmade (and other) souvenirs from Conventions, we figured the best thing to do with them is to share them. So all through September, we'll be giving random s... more »
News from the Store: Vacation time
August 4, 2019
Our hard-working Supply Store Manager is taking a well-deserved break and will be off on vacation from August 5 until August 16. This will cause some shipping delays, so we are hoping for your understanding and patience. Once she's back, she will ann... more »
Instagram: are you following?
July 21, 2019
Just noticed that we’ve reached over 1000 followers of our Instagram page! We very much enjoy sharing content via our Social Media channels, such as photos of meetups around the world, that we’re not able to do on the site itself. Are you following u... more »
News from the Store: Finnish Round 'Official' Stickers
July 12, 2019
As posted in the Finnish forum earlier today by Moem. Hello, Finnish friends, a word from your Store manager, if that's okay. And please ... more »
Update on glitches with the book search function
July 8, 2019
We’re afraid the search functionality when registering books is still having glitches. The good news is we’ve identified a window where it typically works just fine - being 9am-5pm USA Mountain standard time (MST). We’ve no idea why this is the case,... more »
Is your BookCrossing account set up correctly?
June 25, 2019
Something we have noticed of late is that some members have not, when creating their account, selected a language from the drop down menu under "Miscellaneous Information". More information on this can be found in our forum thread, more »
Temperamental issues with search function when registering books
June 20, 2019
We're aware that there is an issue with the search function not pulling results when entering a book's title, author or ISBN during the registering process. See more information HERE ... more »
Supply Store delay of May orders
June 11, 2019
As per Ardik's update in the BookCrossing Site Announcements forum. Our last week's data file that we sent to the printing company on Monday was damaged somewhere in its middl... more »
News from the Store: EU Wings now available
May 19, 2019
Due to popular demand, European flags are now available as "country" flag Wings!! You can change your current selected Wings by accessing Edit Profile on your bookshelf, or to ... more »
Round 7 of Support BC Sweepstakes is here!
May 7, 2019
We just saw that member J4shaw has posted Round 7 of this fantastic Sweepstakes in the RABCK forum. Last round, Supply Store Manager (Moem) reported that the collective amount of orders from Round 6 of the Sweepstakes raised over $500 which went dire... more »
Who will host the Convention in 2021?
May 1, 2019
Until very recently, no one had come forward to host the Anniversary BookCrossing Convention in 2021, and it was a bit worrisome for those of us who love to visit large BookCrossing gatherings. But that has changed! In more »
Time to say Auf Wiedersehen
April 28, 2019
The Anniversary Convention in Mainz, Germany has come to an end. Time to say goodbye and head home, many of us with a suitcase full of books and a head full of good memories. It was a great convention, very well organised, and from the perspective of... more »
Support: Potential duplicate replies
April 13, 2019
We recently encountered another bug which held up messages coming through to us, sent from the Contact Us link. Thanks to Ardik (once again!), this bug has been zapped, and a large number of message... more »
#BC24HrReadathon is this weekend
April 11, 2019
** Read a page, a chapter, a book, or several.....but please do join us! ** As mentioned in the Community Bulletin Board forum several months ago, the first BookCrossing 24 hour Readathon will be held on Sunday April 14th, 2019! more »

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